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Sister, Elizabeth. Mother, Ellen.
Attended parochial schools in Milwaukee from Nursery school through a college prep High School:

Joined the Air Force January 1987: Including the Air Force, 13 years professional experience as a programmer and graphic artist. Also: Currently single: Attends the Southwest Alliance Church in Dade county.
Operates the audio room to manage microphones and record the church services.
Member of the Equally Yoked Single Christians social club.

Owner of one cat (Mismo), one dog (Bruno), and one family station wagon (sans family).

Resident of Florida since 1993, and resident of District 32 since 1996.
Currently living in the Sunshine Village community in Davie, FL

As an NRA Certified Instructor for Home Firearms Safety Ken Jennings is the only candidate qualified to discuss common sense gun safety issues.

Hobbies and interests include: Other affiliations:

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