I am not a career politician, so I am in touch with the average citizen. This means I want to listen to people and bring their voice to the Senate to improve our schools, reduce our tax burden, and balance the need to protect the environment with the expected growth of Florida's population. I will protect the rights and the paychecks of Florida's citizens to enable everyone to have the opportunity to improve their families' lives. My technology experience will be instrumental in making Florida the next Silicon Valley. Developing new high-technology investments will improve job opportunities for everyone.

To compete in the future marketplace we need to bring a high-technology curriculum into our schools. While these long term goals are laudable it is pointless to offer high-technology training while the schools continue producing High School graduates who are functionally illiterate. To raise our children up to where they can succeed in the corporate marketplace we must expect, encourage, and demand higher academic achievement in the basic subjects from our schools, teachers, and students.

The government monopoly on education has resulted in more expensive education with lower academic achievement. To release government's stranglehold on schools we need to encourage; vouchers, charter schools, and home schooling.

Together we can provide an environment where the only special interest is people!

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