SyntheToonz's Eye Candy and Demos

Below are some of the renderings I've done over the years. They are presented in more or less chronological order. The oldest pictures were done well before SyntheToonz became a reality, but I always had the fantasy of getting into 3D graphics and animation either in my own company or someone else's.

The dates given indicate when the picture was originally worked on. (In some cases even this is guesswork.) Most work done prior to 1993 was originally rendered at 320x480 to be interlaced HAM images on the Amiga that were assembled into animations. If the projects were available, I re-rendered single frames at 752x480 to facilitate showing the images on the Toaster. In some cases, improvements were made to the scenes when rendered at higher resolutions. The actual animations are Amiga IFF interlaced HAM animations. I'm investigating ways of converting them to AVI, MPEG or QuickTime. (I'm also trying to find them all.) Don't expect to see results anytime soon.

Some of the work downright stinks by today's standards, but if you consider that it was done when the only full-length movies in existence using significant computer graphics were "TRON" and "The Last Starfighter" then you'll see some of my work was really pretty neat for its day. Though, in 2000 I visited the public portfolio display of graduating students at a local arts university and I was not impressed with quite a lot of their work compared to some of my decade old work.

I am actually the one giving the hardest critique of my own work. At the very end of 1993 Lynn did a demo reel for me to showcase my rendering work for a job interview with a virtual reality company in Louisville, Kentucky. We had only just bought the GVRS-950 single-frame editing deck, so there were no real animations to show them. In spite of this, they loved my work and offered me a job and an obscene amount of money (especially for Louisville), so my low opinion of my renderings wasn't shared by them. Unfortunately, Lynn was diagnosed with cancer just as this happened and I had to decline their job offer.


FOLLOWME  1989 "Follow Me" Path Animation Test

NEONLOGO  1990 "Neon Logo" day glow colors, glass, and reflections.

ORGANICSPEW  1990 "Organic Spew" a sarcastic revolt from technical perfection.

PYRAMID  1990 "Pyramids" Rendering various gem and metal materials.

BOHICA  1990 "Bohica Jelly" A military acronym I'm not going to explain.

NT-X-BETA  1991 "Win NT/X Window" a hoax background for our ultrix DECStations.

CMWSTATS  1991 "CMW Statistics" frequency chart of visits by the PHB.

SUNAPP  1991 "Sunshine Apathy" CMW office motto. Designed for print.

BOAT  1991 "The Boat" a frequently re-rendered scene.

BugPic1  1992 "Baumholder Bug" Mascot of the Baumholder Amiga User Group.
BugPic2  1992 "Baumholder Bug" Closeup of the B.A.U.G. Mascot.

NEWMTGRN  1992 "Green Mountain" Terrain done in VistaPro.

RITEINFO  1992 "Right Info" The improved version of .INFO magazine cover.

SATURN  1993 "Saturn" Lightwave Tutorial

20EYEWIT  1994 "Channel 20 Eyewitness News" Flying Logo Demo.