Equine Video

Equine Video/SyntheToonz was a cooperative effort between my fiance, Lynn Chandler, and myself from 1993 to 1995. I think the official registered name was SyntheToonz, Inc. and Equine Video was the "fictitious name". (The official vs. fictitious name situation may be reversed. I'm a little fuzzy on these details, since she did all the paperwork and everything was in her name for a number of reasons -- the most important being that I wanted her to have something of her very own for once in her life.)

Equine Video was the name used when we were video taping horse shows, collecting footage for horse brokerage, and other horse-related videography.

SyntheToonz was the name used when we lent our editing suite out to other videographers, when we did editing work for other horse people, and when we did non-horse related computer graphics work. It means "Synthetic Cartoons". The original idea, "CyberToonz", was already taken by a company in Milwaukee. The Synthetic Cartoonz concept was chosen, since we were planning on moving into full-blown, character animation.